Studio: current work portfolio

Through a lens of environmental sustainability, my work reincarnates the discarded, transforms the used, and celebrates biological structure to draw attention to human habits and our relationship to the natural world.

Ceramic studio projects (2021-22)
High-fire clay & glaze
dimensions vary

Wall Sculptures  (2021-2022)
media and sizes vary

Paintings & Wallhangings
acrylic on canvas

sizes vary

Ravenous Energy  (2020)
Up-cycled & reclaimed oak wine barrel staves, wire & oil stain
24wX 18h X 16d

Chandelier sculptures (2020)
Up-cycled oak wine barrels
sizes vary 20” to 48”
client: Smog City Brewing Co. at Glendora Public Market, Glendora, CA

If Mermaids Could Cook (2020)
Seagrass, plaster & reclaimed wood
22”w X 22”h

Non-bio Luminescence (2020)

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET/polyester plastic) lit with LED string lights

21”l X 8”w X 16”h (arrangement); 4”l X 3”w X 6”h (ave. individual size)

Fall 2020 Virtual Exhibition: Common Ground Response, 11:11 A Creative Collective, Embed Gallery @ ToolboxLA, Chatsworth, CA

Deliberately Ugly (2020)
Up-cycled oak wine barrels, reclaimed plywood & acrylic paint
18' diameter

White-washed (2020)

Reclaimed wine barrel staves, repurposed wood cabinet doors, fabric & acrylic paint

30”w X 34”h