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Public places: interior design & space planning

Smog City Bottle Shop mural 
Time-lapse video

Client: Smog City Brewing at Glendora Public Market (March 2021)

Mid-century-style mural 
Time-lapse video

Client: Glendora Public Market (June 2020)

Smog City Brewing Company

satellite taproom at the Glendora Public Market, Glendora, CA

Consultant for interior, signage & cabinetry design (2020)

Ladyface Ale Companie - Alehouse & Brasserie
Agoura Hills, CA (2009-2019)

space planning, interior/exterior & signage design, construction plans for permits & remodel

Private SPaces: design & construction

Light sconces & door panels (2020)

sconce sculptures of reclaimed oak wine barrel staves, doors of pine, vintage kimono & copper metal 

7"w X 16"h X 4"d

interior design & build: private residence installation, door panels completed in 2002

Furniture design & construction (2020)
Up-cycled, repurposed oak wine barrels
sizes vary

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