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Letting Go

This work was concurrently constructed with Deliberately Ugly, a reflection of the 75th year since the atomic bombing of Japan. Both works ponder the lost souls and grieving that followed in its wake. This work was intended to portray ghostly gestural figures—faceless and empty kimonos. However, they developed into something more personal—a mother watching two daughters grow up, leaving home and going out into the world as adults. As a parent, suppressed feelings of excitement surfaced, commingled with worry and loneliness, not dissimilar emotions stirred when dealing with loss, whether mourning a death or some other physical departure of a loved one.

Letting Go (2020)

sculpture of plaster, muslin, chicken wire, recycled plywood

10-14”w X 12-16”h

These figures are prototypes and a starting point for experimental sculptures using this technique of plastered fabric over wire and wood frame. The process became very spontaneous; a wire base informs the end figure but it is difficult to see. Plaster forces gesture-type sculpting and working quickly in small batches before it sets.

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