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If Mermaids Could Cook

Humans have been hard on the ocean, encapsulating pollution and overfishing and the spillage of maritime vessels. From the bottom of the Marianas Trench to the Himalayan atmosphere, plastic has found its way into living creatures great and small. 

This work delivers a cynical sushi or otsumami reference with a dash of Little Mermaid whimsy and best served with plastic straws and forks. People have lost touch with their natural surroundings and look at the environment as something to harvest, rather than live with in natural balance. You are what you eat. We need to rethink how we can feed the world with the ocean and stop using it as a toilet.


If Mermaids Could Cook

22”w X 22”h

Seagrass, plaster & reclaimed wood


Small plaster dishes were moulded and chipped to resemble sunken ship galley remnants as they would be found at the bottom of the ocean. The wood tableaux is reclaimed and the frame employs a Japanese yakisugi torched wood preservation method.

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