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A culminating graduate exhibition - CSUN Art Galleries

Here is the guide to the individual works featured in the gallery. For more information and pricing, send me a message.

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Cyrena Nouzille

Gallery installation: Forests are noisy places, but people don't listen.

Individual works:

1. Old Agoura, embossed, recycled hand-pressed paper, dirt, and tannin stains, 2024

2. The Hidden Cost of Deforestation, embossed, recycled hand-pressed paper (financial statements), shredded metal credit cards, 2024

3. Silent Spring (homage to R.L. Carson), hand-pressed recycled paper (multiple pulps), embossed with vegetation and bark texture, 2024

4. The Forest for the Trees (no.2), recycled hand-pressed paper, bark residue, seeds, 2024

5. Everything But the Carbon Sink (no.1), embossed, hand-pressed recycled paper, clay slip, 2022

6. Everything But the Carbon Sink (no.5), embossed, hand-pressed recycled paper, pulverized oak galls, 2024

7. The Forest for the Trees (no.1), recycled hand-pressed paper with tannin & sap stains, 2024

8. Desert Dumpsite (La Quinta, CA), recycled hand-pressed paper embossed with rusted paint cans and junk metal, antique glass shards, 2024

9. Bunkhouse Mattress, recycled hand-pressed paper with rusted metal stains, mattress springs, kapok pod fiber, 2024

10. The Bed We Made, cut birch and aspen tree branches, twigs, pine needles, leaves, grape vines, dried grasses and flowers, kapok tree pod fiber, fallen tree seed pods, paper leaves, human hair, telephone cables, kiln coils, bicycle innertube, wool and cotton fabric scraps, yarn, jute twine, hand-pressed recycled paper, 2024

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